Gigliorosso was identified in the market of 1986 for its production of women’s knitwear and production in plus sizes. From 1994 the company has been under the ownership of Marilisa Michelini, who occupies the creative, marketing and commercial side, and her daughter Glenda Lombardi, responsible for production. The company creates two lines: Gigliorosso, for a medium-high target market, sold in wholesale to retail as seasonal lines, and Maglè, for a medium target market, produces as fast fashion, both for its own label and private labels at the request of businesses.

To wear the Gigliorosso items, the items fit best in the total look category, for all curvy women, with elegant taste, while Maglè is aimed at younger women, with a cleaner taste. The objective is to give the possibility to interpret the fashion trends with class and to be, as the company slogan states, “beauties above measure”, to all women, not excluding those who weigh that little bit more. Production is 100% Made in Italy and distributed predominantly in Italy across a direct network of representatives who propose the sample books of Gigliorosso two times a year, able to be personalised on client request at all times.

Internally, at the site in Carpi which holds approximately 10 employees, Gigliorosso manages its sample books, to sort production and manage deliveries. Yet, the fulcrum of the company clientele is in Italy, able to appreciate Gigliorosso for its high professionalism and all female, family management, in which love for detail, respect for the environment (only ecological furs are used) and the warm welcome make all the difference. In fact, to enter the Carpi office of Gigliorosso is a little like feeling at home, thanks to the warm and comfortable atmosphere, adapted to welcoming its clients and representatives. When we started, there were few of us producing big sizes, now the offer even at low cost has increased, but the care of the product, the quality of the materials and the relationship with the customer, allow us to distinguish ourselves on the market."abbigliamento-donna-in-taglie-forti